FREE 0800 Internet Access in the UK


 FREE 0800 Internet Access in UK

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Note: I have not had time to update these pages for quite a while now. Be sure to check the external sites terms and conditions before any commitment.
Some links may be broken, however I think there is enough interesting information to leave everything online.
Thank you to everyone who contributed.

There are several companies currently offering FREE 0800 Access to the Internet in the UK. I have tried to list them all on this single page. If you know of any others, please email me and I will list them here. (Sorry - page is no longer being updated - email disabled. )

Companies offering FREE 0800 Internet Access in the UK listed on this page:
X-Stream, LineOne.Net, ic24 ( The Daily Mirror Group ISP), Virgin Net, FreeServe, Visual Depth, Go-Free, StrayDuck and World Online, FreeCall-UK,, 0800FREEDOM and Freedomi (Same Company), CallNet 0800, World Online, Alta Vista UK, MadAsaFish, SurfSaver, EzeSurf, 4UNET, RedHotAnt, NTL, The Free Internet (Excite), LibertySurf

Latest breaking news - 0800 Free Internet Access ISPs follow.

I have moved the news to another page so this one still lists the FREE 0800 ISPs. If you want to read the latest news click here.

I have been getting emails from users of the page asking if I know of a FREE 0800 Internet Acccess provider that caters for MAC users. If anyone can help, please email me, and I will post the info here. (Sorry - page is no longer being updated - email disabled. )

FREE 0800 Internet Access with The x-Stream Network ISP

What is X-Stream?
X-Stream delivers 100% FREE 0800 Internet Access* with no strings attached. You can surf the net at lightning fast 56Kbps connections, enjoy 50 megs free webspace, 10 email names, online content, and over 10,000 megabytes of free software.

Remember, there are no set-up costs, no monthly subscription fees, no online charges, no hidden costs, no costs period! All you have to do to get it is download the FREE software and enjoy. That's it.

Lot's of reports coming in from users of these pages that the X-Stream FREE 0800 Internet Access trial has ended. - They are now offering a subscription only service in conjunction with LibertySurf.

Click Here To Visit the X-Stream site and get your FREE 0800 Internet Access

FREE 0800 Internet Access with LineOne.Net

LineOne FREE 0800 Internet Access

LineOne/Quip have announced they are withdrawing their unmetered Internet Access offer and are to replace it with other products.
Click Here To Visit the Line One site and NOT get your FREE 0800 Internet Access

I received a review from a user of this page, (3rd June 2000) Click here to view it.

FREE 0800 Internet Access with The Daily Mirror Group ISP

Click here for FREE 0800 Internet Access with The Daily Mirror Newspaper Group's ISP, The Daily Mirror Group Free Internet Service Provider is offering FREE 0800 Internet Access on Saturday and Sunday between 9.00am and 5.00pm. I have been surfing FREE with for several months now. You just need to register with their ISP. There are no restrictions and no advertising. A “must have” freebie.
Click Here To Visit ic24 and get your FREE 0800 Internet Access

FREE 0800 Internet Access with FreeServe

FreeServe are offering an unlimited 0800 FREE Internet Access package via Surf Time from BT.
Click Here To Visit Free Serve and get your FREE 0800 Internet Access

FREE 0800 Internet Access with Virgin Net ISP

Virgin Net's unmetered Internet access trial

Are you fed up with paying per minute phone charges while you use the Internet? If so, you may be interested to learn that Virgin Net has launched a fixed price FREE 0800 Internet access trial called Stop-The-Clock.

A limited, random selection of existing Virgin Net subscribers have been offered the chance to take part in this trial. Users who sign up will pay just 15* a month for Internet access twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, without paying per minute phone charges for time online.

If you are interested in unmetered Internet access, you can register your details at Virgin Net.
Click Here To Visit Virgin Net and get your FREE 0800 Internet Access

FREE 0800 Internet Access with Visual Depth ISP

Visual Depth are now accepting customers to their 24/7 0800 Internet Access Service. Subscription is only 74.99 per year, subject to a 24.99 set up fee. Visit the Visual Depth website for more info. or telephone the direct sales line on 08707 415 115 (lines open until 9pm this evening, lines may be busy at times, but please keep trying). Additionally you may fax your details to Visual Depth on 08707 415 125.

I recieved an email from the VisualDepth press office which looks like they have their service up and running. You can read it here.
Click Here To Visit Visual Depth and get your FREE 0800 Internet Access

Some info I have received from a user of the page. - For your additional info, visual depth is having major problems and accepting payment for all accounts but not returning dial up info or anything for the account, they are using ezesurf for their security and as proved before ezesurf went to the wall undera diferent name due to major security problems and relaunced and has now gone down yet again!!

Some more information received from a user of the pages - Hi, just thought i would contact u after visiting your website. Top idea your site..... anyway after browsing it thought I would tryout visualdepth which looked like an unbelievable deal. signed up last week. activation was done within 30mins by email. Then you have to wait upto 72 hours for dial up software as problem with admin server.anyway 6 days later i am still waiting. numerous emails to visualdepth support who promise an answer within 24. still waiting 3 days later. phonecall to their support was told that software would be emailed 5.00 pm friday. hmmmm!!! still waiting. phoned saturday no answer?????

will try to review connection and service when it eventually arrives. hope connection speeds are somewhat quicker than admin speeds........on the whole disappointed so far not by the timescale but the lack of honesty!!!! if things take a week tell us they will take a week why upset customers before u even have them?????

anyone in a rush to sign up and get surfing will be in for a disappointment

regards, jo ps you can post name and email just read small print Jo Ryder

FREE 0800 Internet Access with Johnston Press Go-Free ISP


Johnston Press, the fourth largest publisher of regional newspapers in the UK with 183 titles, have announced that they will be offering FREE 0800 Internet Access at weekends via their ISP Go-Free with no strings attached.

From 6pm on Friday evenings to 12 midnight on Sunday, there will be no charge for Internet telephone calls and FREE 0800 Internet Access through the Johnston Press ISP. This offer is available in the Milton Keynes area on the Milton Keynes Citizen website and will be rolled out to other Johnston Press regions by early in the New Year (approximately four million households).

Note: Report from user that this specific offer ended July 2000

Click Here To Visit the Go-Free site and get your FREE 0800 Internet Access

FREE 0800 Internet Access with Stray Duck ISP

A new ISP called The Stray Duck is offering FREE 0800 Internet Access for FREE every third week - Here is their blurb....
FREE 0800 Internet Access, completely free, one week in three you access the Internet on an 0845 number for 2 weeks, then access the Internet on an 0800 number for 1 week, and the cycle continues!

World Online the parent company to the Stray Duck ISP are offering a FREE 0800 Internet Access deal that looks good value for money. It costs 14.99 a month and includes 24/7 0800 access to the Internet as well as reductions to all voice calls compared to the BT tariff. Details at the Stray Duck ISP site.

Click Here To Visit the StrayDuck site and get your FREE 0800 Internet Access

FREE 0800 Internet Access with FreeCall-UK ISP

For every minute you are online with you will be adding free 0800 time to your minute bank, after your first month, this time will be made available to you to access your 0800 number 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You decide when and if you use them. We believe that this gives a fair system where all users can benefit from FREE 0800 Internet Access.Please note you will have to keep a balance of 180 minutes in your account for the first 3 months. is charging a one off payment of 6 to activate your minute bank account and register you to receive your unique 0800 dial up software.
At we believe that the revenue generated from the 0845 call should be given back to you by way of free 0800 online time. In the early stages this will not generate enough revenue alone to enable all members FREE 0800 Internet Access 24/7. (Cost per user of continual usage is approximately 850.00 per month!!!) however believes that with the revenue produced from advertising, e-commerce, affiliate programs and business opportunities within a short space of time we will be able to increase our offer to loyal members to a totally unlimited FREE 0800 Internet Access.

Click Here To Visit the FreeCall-UK site and get your FREE 0800 Internet Access

FREE 0800 Internet Access with 0800 FREEDOM ISP

Unlimited FREE 0800 Internet Access every day through 0800 number plus the opportunity to earn shares with your surfing time.

Click Here To Visit the 0800 FREEDOM site and get your FREE 0800 Internet Access

FREE 0800 Internet Access with FREEDOMI ISP

Freedomi is a totally free ISP - you don't even pay the 0845 metered local call - called You get everything E-mail, Content, web space, shares, an hour of 0800 support everyday if you need it and newsgroup access. This is all done through an 0800 number for 24/7 0800 access, you don't even have to change your Telco

Thanks to JS for this link

Click Here To Go To Freedomi and get your FREE 0800 Internet Access

These two ISPs appear to be the same company.

FREE 0800 Internet Access with CallNet 0800 ISP


CallNet, the UK's first fully featured FREE 0800 Internet Access service using a FREE 0800 number.

Free 0800 Internet Access is for UK based connections and residents only, excluding Eire. FREE 0800 Internet Access and 145 Discount plan only available to residential subscribers connected to the BT network.

Click Here To Visit the CallNet 0800 site and get your FREE 0800 Internet Access

Update: I have received reports from a number of users of the page that the CallNet0800 service is dead - links disabled.

FREE 0800 Internet Access with World Online ISP

The World Online offer now consists of an off-peak option at 9.26 per month for Unlimited Evening and Weekend Access. This is known as Freedom Lite. World Online are also offering this deal to existing subscribers.

With Freedom 24 you get:
Free, 0800 unlimited internet calls, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Free internet access.
Savings on your regular phone calls.
And as you're an existing subscriber, we'll waive the 20 subscription fee too, so that all you pay is 14.99 line rental each month.

World Online rates include your BT Line Rental (of 9.26 per month) so they are effectively giving FREE Unlimited E&W Internet and 24/7 Access for around 6 per month

Click Here To Visit the WorldOnline site and get your FREE 0800 Internet Access

Some additional information just received from a user of the page - worldonline have just reduced their E/W unmetered tariff to 50 hours for an additional 2.99 on top of the 9.26 line rental and 14.99 on top of the line rental for their Freedom 24.

Some additional information just received from a user of the page - worldonline have just reduced their E/W unmetered tariff to 50 hours for an additional 2.99 on top of the 9.26 line rental and 14.99 on top of the line rental for their Freedom 24.

And yet more helpful info, from another user, sorry to say this, but (according to World Online's letter of 20th Sept), the 14.99 does NOT include telephone line rental (as you have indicated on the freebies webpage:
This means that (for World Online customers) the monthly charges on the Freedom 24 tariff would be: 9.26 + 14.99 = 24.25
Not quite as appealing as your version, unfortunately!

Another email received from a user of the pages - As a subscriber of Freedom 24 I was very dissapointed when World Online sent me an email informing me that as they couldn't negotiate a reasonable cost pricing deal with BT they would be reducing their unmetered time from 24/7 to only 100hours a month (thats 3.3hours a day.) I need at lease 8 hours a day for work (I work from home!) But then they had the cheek to maintain the same subscription fee for a lower spec service!!! This is most unsatisfactory. I think you should update the link on your page so as not to mislead your site viewers.

My thanks to everyone who keeps me informed!

FREE 0800 Internet Access with Alta Vista UK ISP

Alta Vista FREE 0800 Internet Access

This is the blurb culled from the AltaVista UK site

AltaVista UK users will soon have the opportunity to register for the service called "AltaVista0800". Although there will be an initial set-up fee and an annual renewal charge, there will be no metered call charges because an 0800 dialup number will be provided.
AltaVista will soon be announcing the fees and providing subscribers with a choice of online or telephone registration.
Initially, sign-up to this service will be phased in at 90,000 users per month so that AltaVista can measure the levels of use and service quality.
We believe that this exciting new service will transform the way in which current UK users benefit from the Internet, as well as bringing it to a new audience.

What to do next...

Registration for Altavista0800 has not yet begun. However, you may register your interest in the service right away. As soon as the registration form becomes available, we will contact you to let you know.

Click Here To Visit the Alta Vista site and get your FREE 0800 Internet Access

As I think you all know, Alta Vista failed to launch their Unmetered 0800 Service, blaming BT for this.

FREE 0800 Internet Access with SurfSaver (EzeSurf)

SurfSaver FREE 0800 Internet Access

The UK's Premier FREE FREECALL Internet Service Provider by Ezesurf Ltd
What you get ?
Free Freecall Internet Access - Unlimited E-mail Aliases - Subdomain Name - 15 MB of Web Space - Speechmail - Voice and Fax to E-mail - 0870 Technical Support - ZY HomePage Builder - Company Shares
What does it cost ?
You must be a Shareholder having purchased a minimum of 60 level C shares (39.00)

Click Here To Visit the SurfSaver site and get your FREE 0800 Internet Access

I have received this important info. from a user of this page:

There is some information regarding Ezesurf and Surfsaver (same Co.) I think should be included in your section on free(0800) ISP access.

Up until recently I used the above 0800 access to the internet but two weeks ago the service stopped abruptly without notice or explanation. The press is reporting that Ezesurf have gone bust owing BT a rather staggering 2 Million as well as not being able to pay it's staff for some weeks either.

The facts are, all but one telephone number for the company has been disconnected and the one that is still active only repeats a computer generated please wait while we try to connect you message that never gets answered.

Internet access has been off for 2 weeks and their website is now not available.

I have received new info that the EzeSurf Server is now dead and unaccessible.

FREE 0800 Internet Access with

4UNET FREE 0800 Internet Access

The FIRST truly FREE Internet Service in the UK. No subscription fees and No call charges!
As you are aware Phones4U FREE Internet service is available to all of our telephone customers. Your telephone calls help us to keep your Internet surfing FREE!
Phones4U FREE Internet, but also saves you money - a massive 30%* saving on all your calls to local, national, international or even calls to mobiles. That's a 30%* saving all day every day!
To enjoy FREE Internet access couldn't be easier. Complete the registration form, giving your credit / debit cards details, and at the end of each month you will be sent a detailed bill of all the calls made using Calls4U. 7 days later you will be charged for those calls made. You will still receive a bill from BT for your line rental and any calls made not using Calls4U.
In order to access 30% savings you will need a Calls4U dialler. This simple device merely plugs unobtrusively into the wall and lets you make calls in the normal way. No special codes to remember or extra digits to dial.
The dialler costs 19-99 and will be despatched directly to your home. Upon installation your FREE Internet service will be activated. As a valued Calls4U customer you will also receive 20 of FREE calls to cover the cost of the dialler.
There are no hidden catches or minimum call spends, just 30%* off every call you make!

Click Here To Visit the 4UNET site and get your FREE 0800 Internet Access

I have received info from a user of the page that the 4UNET FREE 0800 Internet access offer ended in September. And yet more info. from another user:

Thought you might find it useful to know that I would avoid 4uNet, which I think is from the same company as CallNet. 2 months after they took 20 from me, I phoned them because I had not heard anything. They told me that they would not be registering anyone for the foreseeable future as they were oversubscribed. They have been promising to refund me for the last 6 weeks (they keep saying "within 2 weeks"), and I have been shunted to 3 different phone numbers now. All this time, they have never contacted me once despite my numerous phone calls, emails and 1 letter. Avoid!!

Sure, but could you NOT show my e-mail and name? Also, to update you, another trick they tried when I asked them where my money was, was: "did we say '2 weeks'? We meant '2 working weeks'"! There is a happy ending, as I got my money back 2-and-a-half months after they took it. This is after I made numerous phone calls - I dread to think what would have happened if I hadn't chased it so hard.

And more feedback from a user - Don't use the 4uNet support line! They charge you 30-per-hour to WAIT on their call-queueing machine! I waited two minutes and rang the customer helpline. They confirmed that I was indeed being "robbed", as I sat listening to their call-queueing machine. I complained to ICSTIS, the government premier-line "watchdog" (LOL). They have upheld my claim, but will be doing nothing!!! SO WATCH OUT. THERE'S A THIEF ABOUT!

Incidentally, I have tried many times, and despite paying 20 up front, I couldn't get through, and they couldn't help me. I hope they go bust!

FREE 0800 Internet Access with TheFreeInternet.Net ISP

TheFreeInternet.Net has teamed up with Excite, one of the UK's leading portals, to offer everyone in the UK free 0800 unmetered, unlimited access to the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

This means no more un-necessary monthly internet subscriptions, no more un-expected internet call charges on your phone bill, no need to change your telephone service provider, and no need to worry about what time you surf - its totally free 24 hours a day!

And the cost of this service?

A membership fee of 89.99 for the first year payable on your credit card , gives members free unlimited access to the internet for a whole year! The membership cost works out at less than 14 pence per day! Less than the cost of a daily newspaper - compare this to your current costs of being on-line!

The initial membership fee will be reimbursed to members through a voucher and benefit scheme offering at least 50 worth of discount vouchers for use via merchants on the Excite shopping channel. The list of participating merchants is being finalised, and all members will be informed via their Excite e-mail of the vouchers to be made available.
Click Here To Visit The Free Internet and get your FREE 0800 Internet Access

Some info. received from a user of these pages:

I am a dissatisfied customer of When I first signed up, the page didn't change (as it was supposed to). I emailed technical support, and I was emailed back saying that I hadn't been charged. I tried to sign up again using the same username and I was told that my username had been taken. I was therefore forced to phone them at 1 per minute and told that I had been charged, but they couldn't give me my user details over the phone and they posted them to me. When I received them, I needed an activation code which I obtained by calling the 1 per minute number again. And now I am set up, I find that it is nearly always engaged, and when I finally get through, it connects at a pathetic speed such as 14,400 bps. I am going to try a different ISP.

And yet more feedback from a user........

hi john

good site

please let all your readers know the following


put it on

paid for it

found out the connection speed is 31000bps.i was having theses connections times 5 years ago

also they have big problems with auto disconect on the 0800 number.the so called help desk at a 1 A MINUTE said cisco systems engineers where having problems.there e mail help desk does not seem to exsist.also very helpful in telling me that a lot of people were having the same problems so use email help desk

no reply


get stung

keep up the good work

And some info from a Linux user - TheFreeInternet.Net is not compatible with linux. You have to wade a long way into their site before you find this.
TimeToBreath, No need to switch TelCo and is limited to first 50,000 customers. Check it out at
Note: I have disabled the RedHotAnt links - thanks to everyone who let me know that this service had shut down.

RedHotAnt - Support for ISDN and full 0800 access.

Some info. received from a user of the pages.

I don't know if you are interested or can legally warn people that the RedHotAnt service is very poor.

I signed over from Free4all to the redhotant service when it was first set up. In Theory, yes it's a great service but in reality it is not. There have been many teething problems, which was fine we all were pretty patient but they do not seem to be doing anything to resolve connection difficulties, sometimes taking upto 1 hour during busy periods. When trying to phone Tech. Services you just get an answerphone that cuts you off after about 1 minute and they don't reply to E-mails sent to there Tech services.

And some more info from a user (12th October 2000) - Oh, by the way, you have a comment about RedHotAnt 0800 ISP. It has actually changed and at peak times you have to try 3 times b4 getting through. Daytime, there isnt a problem.

NTL are now offering 0800 Internet access, if your are an ntl phone customer it's free, if you're a BT customer you have to plug a dialer into your phone line and spend 10 per month on calls. NTL free internet access only works for ntl specific customers and not customers coming from cable and wireless. Click here to visit NTL.

I have it on good authority that NTL's free Internet access via NTLWorld is to end sometime in early 2001, when they will start charging all their customers 1p per minute.
MadAsaFish. They are part of iomart group plc which also owns a telephone service. They have some details on a new 0800 access but nothing out yet.
LibertySurf. A new ISP offering FREE 0800 Internet Access - LibertySurf.Co.UK. LibertySurf is offering umetered 24/7 access for 35pa, or off-peak for 20. The offer is through Comet and MVC stores.
I believe this may be the same company as X-Stream.Co.UK.

Recived some further information from a user of this page - Thank you.

Dear John,

re libertysurf 24/7 is not 35 it is only available after paying 20 for Off peak then you can upgrade for a further 35, making it 55 total. also there is a really annoying advert bar at the top of the screen which really slows things down.

And from another user -- Thanks again.

LibertySurf - we signed up yesterday and works okay. Techy help worked well almost straight to a human. Its pay 20 for CD then maybe later ANOTHER 35 for off-peak access. (55 is a lot of OneTelNet pennies!) It puts up irritating animated advertising banners 3 lines down at top of screen about 5% of screen height which wasn't expected.

Outllook Express and Internet Explorer are both pushed down by approx 1cm and persist like this even after disconnection to LibertySurf. Technical Help recommend turning PC off and on to re-instate programs at top of the screen (not tried yet!)

Sign up was quite easy no credit card wanted. You don't see the terms & conditions until you run approx 3 screens into the CD having bought the CD. Six hour connect time beats the IC24 one hour. Peak time is as BT define it thankfully. Some services seem to be being developed still for launching at the end of the May 2000.

Your suspicion about LibertySurf being connected with X-Stream seems valid. The adverts put onto hard-disk by LibertySurf have got filenames like & HTML indexes refer to


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